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Caithness Market – Sunday 1st November

The Caithness Market, where is that being held we hear you ask? Why, in the comfort of your own home! This far north area of Scotland, Caithness has never been short of innovation and the Caithness Market shares in that innovation to create a virtual home shopping experience from local crafters, makers, artists and independent retailers. We should of course refer to it as #CaithnessMarket as that is exactly how you can find it on Instagram and Facebook.

Originally devised by local maker Inspired by Caithness during the Covid-19 lockdown period as a way for people to shop locally safely from home the #CaithnessMarket now operates as a collective with a diverse range of gifts, crafts, art and independently procured goods available. More than that it provides a connection to the makers and retailers with a very personal ‘Meet the Maker’ approach giving a unique insight not only into the shopping opportunities but also a glimpse into the lifestyles of us here on the North Coast.

There is more! The #CaithnessMarket also raises money for local charities with all those taking part making a donation and a charity nominated by the community receiving those donations.

How can you take part? Very simply by logging into Facebook or Instagram on Sunday 1st November between 11am and 3pm and searching for #CaithnessMarket¬†you’ll then find on your feed an array of Caithness makers, crafters, artists and independent retailers telling you about their products, processes, meet them and be able to shop. All safely from the comfort of your couch. Spot an item that you fancy and get in touch with the business to buy. If you would like to check out the businesses prior to the day a list of those taking part will be published on the #CaithnessMarket¬†Facebook page the day before. But you can check it out now, all this week those taking part have been posting in the #CaithnessMarket photo challenge and sharing their stories. Head on over and take a look!

A selection of favourite #CaithnessMarket images from recent photo challenge



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