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Discovering Thurso to Eat and Shop


If you follow our social media channels you might have seen a slight deviation to our content of late. 2020 needs no explanation, where would we start? It has been the strangest of years, for much of it under lockdown restrictions we were left to enjoy our little town ourselves. Like town’s up and down the country the streets became quiet as we all stayed at home. While that was hard, it brought a new found appreciation for us as locals to Thurso. We are so fortunate to have a beach very literally in our Town Centre, we’ve never seen it quite so busy as 5am on a Spring morning with locals going to enjoy the sunrise in the quiet.

Summer came and lockdown restrictions were eased. We welcomed visitors again and while there were concerns regarding safety to our remote community and some hackles raised at the behaviour of a few, for the vast majority it has been appreciated to see you ‘discovering Thurso.’

Thurso is the most northern town on the UK mainland, we’re a prime stopping point for services for those travelling to Orkney and of course for those of you completing the North Coast 500 route. We love to show off our town, the big skies, sunsets

, coastal views, our heritage and world class surf with a splash of the wonderful local food and drink on offer. Now as we launch our Love Local

, Love Thurso Campaign we hope to show off even more our hospitality and retail effort. Our retailers are 90% independent so you won’t find the big High Street stores here but what you will find is customer service, a unique retail offering and our friends, family, neighbours and community offering you a Thurso welcome.

If you happen to find an item or a top class meal, let us know about it by posting on social media with the hashtag #lovethurso we’d love to hear from you.


Discover Thurso Guide

Some handy information to give you a real feel for Thurso during your stay - enjoy!